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Shenzhen Wata Sound Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1995, as the professional manufacturer of Loudspeakers, to produce Telecom speaker, Interphone speaker, Tablet PC speaker, Micro speaker, Waterproof speaker, Oval speaker, Audio loudspeaker, AV speaker, Headphone speaker, Robot speaker, Mini speakers etc.

Wata acoustic technology sourcing from university and electroacoustic laboratory, absorbing and creating advanced technology in the line, Pursuing aesthetic design, with support of precise LMS, B&K, ESD, F0 tester etc., combined with wata raw materials' resources, to produce loud sound and higher quality speakers with competitive price.

Quality control stick to ISO9001 (2000) and strictly inspect each loudspeaker before packing, ¡°Quality first, Customers first¡± is our working center.

EU RoHS Criterion has been in compliance with our loudspeakers from 2005.

Our strategic guideline is to be the Leading Company in electroacoustic industry, Wata Sound Factory with more than 300 staff in Guangdong province. And hold another Joint Enterprises in Wellesley, Malaysia.

We can accommodate your OEM & ODM request and deliver to your exact specifications.

To see how you can benefit from our expertise, please contact us earlier..

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